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Communication problems are unfortunately quite common between couples. Men and women communicate quite differently. Most men are reticent in communicating their true feelings. Women on the other hand are quite sentimental and expressive. If couples understand this gender difference in their methods of communication they will be able to handle problems in their relationship more effectively.

Misunderstandings occur when men and women are not able to communicate their true feelings for each other, effectively. Since women are more sensitive and emotional than men they are more communicative as they need to release their feelings. Men on the other hand are more analytical and do not feel the need to air their feelings. They would rather offer solutions.

 Sensitive and emotional

Sensitive and emotional

Communication need not only be verbal. Body language plays an important role in communication. Your gestures and postures can show your spouse how you feel about certain matters. A lot can be said without it being actually spoken.

Both partners should work towards effective communication to iron out differences and to help bond their relationship. It is important not to be judgmental when in a relationship. Matters can be sorted out objectively and in a mature fashion.

Effective communication

Effective communication

It is important to communicate about how you feel. Partners can talk about their work experiences, the upbringing of their kids, how they feel about each other, their interests and the goals they share.

Since marriage is a union of two individuals who are going to live the rest of their lives together, it is essential that they plan the path they intend to take. So talk to your spouse about your future as well. You can share your dreams together and make financial plans for your old age and for your children. You are walking the path of life alongside each other so communicate with each other.

An important part of good communication is listening to what your partner is trying to tell you. Don’t instantly reject what your partner is saying. Listen carefully and then offer your opinion after careful consideration. Respect each other’s view point.

If your spouse is complaining about you don’t react angrily. Think rationally and see if there is any truth in what is being said. You can calmly put forth your views and sort out your problems.

 Communication between partners

Communication between partners

With a little adjustment a solution to your problems can be worked out. The bonds of marriage can be cherished and strengthened with effective communication between partners.

Jul 122012

The launch of a tablet computer after the super success of a smart phone was just the way to go for one of the biggest technology giants of the world. Apple followed up the hugely successful iPhone with the iPad in the month of April in 2008. The ipad was a tablet computer that ran Apples operating system iOS and had all the features of an iPhone and that of a laptop or the computer. It was announced in January 2010 and the build up created enough buzz that on the day of its release thousands of fans queued up at the different stores across the globe to hold the iPad in their hands.

The first iPad had 9.7 inches multi-touch display, LED backlighting and a scratch resistant coating. The iPad had a 1GHZ Apple A4 processor with a 256 MB DDR RAM built into it. One could own the iPad that had 16,32 or 64 GB memory. A-GPS was included in its features and this iPad can be upgraded to the latest version of operating system iOS 5.1. iPad 1 also had light sensors and a magnetometer. The production of iPad 1 was discontinued on March 2, 2011.
The first  generations iPad

The first generations iPad

iPad runs its own software, the ones downloaded from Apples own app store.

The second generation of iPad was called the iPad 2. This iPad had a faster processor, the Apple A5 dual core. The iPad ran on 256 MB DDR2 RAM which was twice as fast as iPad1. iPad 2 cannot be called a completely different product from its first generation but Apple made sure that the changes were worthy of a mention. The gyroscope was included in iPad 2 along with standard software like the light sensor and the magneto meter.

The biggest advantage ipad2 had over the first iPad was the camera. Ipad 2 had a .7 MP still and video HD camera and a front camera for video calling. iPad 2 introduced the concept of video calling and made it famous.

The second  generations iPad

The second generations iPad

The third generation of the iPad is the new iPad. Apple refrained from calling it iPad 3 and yet again made minor but important changes to the iPad. A 5 MP camera replaced the mediocre .7 MP camera in the iPad 2 and the video recording capabilities were also enhanced. A 1GB RAM and Apple A5X processor means that the new iPad is a lot faster than its predecessor.

The third  generations iPad

The third generations iPad

The plethora of features and the additions to the existing features have made iPad a threat for computers and laptops and has changed computing for the better.

Jul 082012

Celebrity breakups are tragic and more so when children are involved. A divorce affects the emotional structure of all children. Their comfortable and stable nest is now uprooted and they are torn between their love for their parents. They are forced to choose sides. A divorce can affect their academic growth and in most instances the child begins to manifest problems in school. Insecurity and even aggression may be manifested, especially if the divorce has grabbed media attention, as is in the case of celebrities. The children may also have problems with their peer group.

When celebrities Tom Cruise and his wife Nicole Kidman divorced, their adopted children Connor and Isabella went to live with their father. They were married on Christmas Eve in Colorado in 1990. Since their high profile careers kept them apart they made it a point of working in rotation. In this way, if one was on location, the other could go along with the kids they had adopted. They ended their marriage after ten years when they realized that it was getting more difficult to manage their careers and their personal lives.

Tom Cruise and his wife Nicole Kidman divorced

Tom Cruise and his wife Nicole Kidman divorced

Hollywood actress Halle Berry split with her partner Gabriel Aubrey after being together for five years. They even have a daughter Nahla Ariela Aubrey to whom they are both devoted. They share custody of their daughter. The cause of the split may have been the nine year age gap between them as Halle was older. Once again work kept them apart for long stretches of time. They never felt the need to marry though they lived together. Their split was quite amicable, according to reports.

Hollywood actress Halle Berry split with her partner Gabriel Aubrey

Hollywood actress Halle Berry split with her partner Gabriel Aubrey

The celebrity divorce which caught world wide attention was that of golf pro Tiger Woods and his Swedish wife Elin Nordegren. Problems arose in their seemingly perfect marriage when it was discovered that Tiger was having several affairs. They have two children, Sam and Charlie, and they were concerned about how the split would affect the kids. They requested privacy from the media so that the kids could adjust to the new situation. The divorce affected Tiger’s game.

Tiger Woods and his Swedish wife Elin Nordegren

Tiger Woods and his Swedish wife Elin Nordegren

Jennifer Lopez of American Idol fame and her husband Marc Anthony ended their seven year old marriage. They have shared the custody of their twins. The separation from her kids, when they are spending time with their father are upsetting J Lo, as she says that she misses them terribly.

Divorces and separations which involve kids are really tragic, especially for celebrities as the children don’t seem to have a stable home environment.

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